Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hybrid Pulp Comics

Saw this the other day (see pic above too) and thought it might make an interesting online format for New Pulp Media.

The idea would be to converge the pulp and comic storytelling forms into an easily read online (or downloadable) format. One of the problems with reading online texts from your computer is the fact that your eye is easily swayed off the mark and you have to readjust.

However, text with illustration tends to keep the eye anchored. The brain associates the text with the specific illustration.

(The Kindle is a different animal in that it mimics print to such a degree that the anchoring isn't necessary)

So mixing in an illustration or twenty with the text provides for a more pleasant online experience.

So again, as in online video, the distribution affects the content which affects the experience.

Warren Ellis had similar thoughts
re: Comics.

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