Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pulp Legionnaires: Alert!

As I told you in the first Electrogram. Build your network of web portals through one interface and track all stats not only from those portals, but all of the embedded players around the web.

(It has a few bugs, but this is a significant step forward in putting sophisticated marketing tools in your hands so you can make money with your media)

Track who's watching. When they are watching. Where they are watching.

If you know your audience and where they hang out you can tailor your content to them. You can maximize your particular audience, and minimize waste.

Oh and FYI - this is the sort of thing we go over in the Electrogram. This, free links (when I find them) and behind-the-scenes stuff of what's happening with New Pulp Media. There's more, but you have to sign up to find out.

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