Friday, June 05, 2009


I made a new header for the blog and it will stay there a little while anyway. I can already see what's wrong with it and as I stare at it I am certain I will pick apart all of its faults.

I am such a bastard - even to myself. Okay, especially to my own work.

As I settle into the new digs and actually enjoy today's summer shower it feels good to take 30 minutes and whip up some artwork (by way of an original panel by Darwyn Cooke) and throw it up on the web. I know that in a few hours I'll have a couple of emails or comments telling me what they like, what they don't and why. Absolutely all part of the process. Absolutely the best and worst thing about the web.

So in that vein of thought, I present this - a mock up of a cover for the Rip Rocket chapter of my Open Source Pulp Manual (R)

This is a mockup of the pulp magazine in which his adventures appeared. Rip is an "Outerspace Agent" fusing the mission of Kennedy's New Frontier speech with the burgeoning "spy movement" of the early sixties.

The stories are definitely "spy fi"...

So let me know what you think. Brutal honesty always the best policy.

Rip Rocket is copyright (c) 2009 by Bill Cunningham and New Pulp Media. Original art by Freeman (Freidman?). Magazine design by Bill Cunningham.

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David said...

You knocked that up in 30 minutes?

Bastard. :)