Friday, July 24, 2009

Damnit, Rogers!

As if I didn't have enough to do - now, thanks to your tweets I'm gonna have to go watch this:

  1. This is actually structured like a really good Dr. Who episode.
  2. You too, Caleb Mayo
  3. Jason Graham, your deadpan just won you a role on something I type.
  4. I will never write a death scene as good as that. EVER.
  5. "How long's it going to take to re-light?" This is the GREATEST FILM ABOUT FILM-MAKING I HAVE EVER SEEN.
  6. "... hold on, I hear wind." "Good for you. Roll, and action!" Not a director on earth hasn't wanted to say that.
  7. "It's been tested many, may times. And cleaned,"#oneeyedmonsterisridiculouslyentertaining
  8. "... it disables the olfactory bub in my limbic system, so I can't smell anything for 12 straight hours."
  9. "She's making $6,000? What has she made, only a hundred, a hundred fifty movies?" This movie is killing me.
  10. " and introducing RON JEREMY." One-Eyed Monster, you're already a thousand times better than you have any right to be.

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