Wednesday, August 26, 2009


The scariest (meaning most effective) intelligence network doesn't exist.

There is no headquarters.
There are no Directors.
There is no list of agents to fall into enemy hands.
There are no James Bond gadgets.
Because in the real world if you want to really fight the bad guys...

Then it's best not to exist.

Because then, you could be anyone, anywhere, anytime.
Because then you can't be traced.
Because then you're not on anyone's radar.
Because then no one has a file on you.

All they may have are rumors, innuendo and half-baked truths.

No evidence. Nothing they can prove.

Because you don't exist.

And that's very, very scary.


S. Harlan Cone said...

I'm sold!

Unknown said...

Sounds similar to Warren Ellis' Global Frequency, except for the decentralization. I'd watch.

SPM said...

Hello, Global Frequency.