Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Curiouser and Curiouser...

So - in looking at the post below - we find that XBox is poised to become part of (as in 'major league player') the multi-billion dollar download to own business.

However this post from Chris Albrecht at New TeeVee says that we shouldn't "expect more web series" from XBox anytime soon. The assertion being they are having a tough time inserting ads into their video content and they need material that "moves the needle" for them in terms of viewership.

"Honey made it pretty clear that Xbox isn’t in the web video acquisition game, but didn’t rule it out entirely. Based on our talk, we can offer up this tip from him for those who absolutely gotta be on Xbox: “Gamers love watching things about gaming.” Honey says that the two most popular TV shows on Xbox are South Park’s Make Love Not Warcraft and Guitar Queero. Having a gamer bent is, in part, why Microsoft was so aggressive in obtaining The Guild on an exclusive basis. It also didn’t hurt that The Guild already had a sizeable audience and its star, Day, basically became a spokesperson for Xbox."
This is not a problem.

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