Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Millions of Fans Not Millions of Dollars and That's Okay...

From Wired.com - an interview with the freckled face of online entertainment, Felicia Day:

Wired.com: It’s strange that you’re watched by millions but are completely off Hollywood’s radar.

Day: It would be nice to get a few guest stars here and there. They’re very busy making huge, multimillion-dollar shows. It really is two different worlds. That’s why there aren’t a million web series out there that are watched by millions of people. I think that’s changing. The fragmentation of the audience will encourage people to seek other forms of entertainment. But like I said, we still shoot in our garage. There’s no paradigm for it and I think Hollywood is reluctant to see things outside the normal way of doing things. Independent film is kind of on the wane and it used to be huge. Maybe the web series can be that place where new talents and voices can be found.

Wired.com: The YouTube generation is stepping up to fill the role of the film-school generation. The Guild is a bit like Clerks in the way. Can your success inform the future of web video the way Kevin Smith informed indie filmmakers?

Day: I would hope that. L.A. does have a thriving community of people who are doing web series. The funny thing is, with web series it’s not just that you need to be a filmmaker and a producer and get good content. The format of the web series is still being invented. There’s no, “This is how you do it.” I feel like there’s still a format issue — people are open to experiment, but at the same time the sheer power that you have to have on the internet to get the word out about something is something that even huge studios with millions of dollars in marketing have figured out.

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