Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Bob Burn's Hollywood Halloween

Every one of us had that house in the neighborhood that went all out every holiday. Christmas, Easter but especially Halloween.

Blazing lights, steaming cauldrons of grue, a coffin with Dracula himself. We saw it all - right?

Not quite. Seems Bob Burns decided that Halloween had to be...better. Because old Bob had worked in the film and TV industry for so long (He was Tracey the Gorilla in the old GHOSTBUSTERS TV show) he had a lot of 'friends' who felt like he did. These friends just happened to be some of the famous movie makeup, prop, special effects and costume wizards whose names graced the likes of CLOSE ENCOUNTERS, STAR TREK, STAR WARS and many other big Hollywood productions.

But sometimes you just have to get the band together and jam in the garage.

Now there's a website and documentary you can watch featuring the many backyard Halloween productions Burns and co. produced for the neighborhood kids in Burbank, CA. They are posting video clips, pics and other goodies to countdown to the 31st.


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