Saturday, January 02, 2010

Making Your Blog Work for 2010

I've been having an interesting day today, reworking the design and appeal of the the Pulp 2.o blog here with an eye toward optimizing the features and making for a better overall experience. This all came about as I received a notice as to how much money this simple blog was generating through Google ads these past 3 months with no effort on my part. I figured that while I wouldn't be able to live off the money it never hurts to have some spare change in the old pocket.

You'll see more changes to the site as I test certain functions, add features and start putting up some merchandise for sale. Let me know what you think.

Next will be some cleaning out of the Amazon store and posting only the best of the best - books, movies and other merchandise every self respecting pulpster should have in his tool kit.

In addition I am working on text edits for BROTHER BLOOD. Never a pleasant experience.

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