Thursday, February 25, 2010


Filmmaker Albert Pyun has a special offer for those thinking of purchasing his new movie BULLETFACE.

You can go here for the details and a trailer via AICN. 

What's interesting to me, and should be to you is how he's using the web to sell his movie.  He's created a company and is selling his movies himself.  He's also allied himself with websites like AICN and Dread Central that speak to his audience and is using that platform to get the word out.

Also (in his words):

“Noir is about the dark, swampy dark place in the soul where crime ferments.”

That description is very much Bulletface and it is what drew me to the material initially. I really wanted it to be, stylistically, like a contemporary version of those great B crime thrillers from the poverty gulch studios of the time like Monogram. They were shot fast (Bulletface was shot in 5 days), shot on the cheap (Bulletface cost just a bit less than $100,000) and shot with a lot of creative desperation which mirrors the plights of the Bulletface characters.

He's also offering the audience an exclusive bargain when they purchase his movie.  These are all techniques that you would do well to emulate should you choose to DIY.


Albert said...

Hi Bill,

Thanks for the kind mention and support of my DIY effort. After my last statement from Lions Gate, I figured there HAD to be a better way. I'm partnered up with Magic Rock Entertainment and their affiliate Neoflix and both have been amazingly to work with. totally filmmaker centric. What a concept! And they get that people poured their lives into their films and Magic Rock/Neoflix treats each as special and not just another brick.

I'm really hopeful this model can work. Not just for me but for others. We can just flow around the gatekeepers and do well if the film works and do nothing if it doesn't. All on the filmmaker the way it should be. We're making a few mistakes on this maiden launch but hopefully will have it working smoothly shortly for fans and filmmakers alike.

Thanks again for the very nice mention. Appreciate it, Bill.

Albert Pyun

Cunningham said...

Albert -

Check in and let us know how it's working out.

We're doing the same thing with our Pulp 2.0 Press book line which will eventually spin off into original video content (movies, serials, tv).

So yeah - we're interested. The good, the bad and the unusual are all fair topics here as we dissect how to go about making a living by creating cool content for targeted audiences.