Tuesday, February 23, 2010

No Explanation Required: KILLER WEED

I receive trailer links and screeners all the time and to be frank (not Joe nor Mike) most of that stuff gets placed in the circular file after a quick glance.  Do not take that as my saying "Please don't send me things," because nothing could be further from the truth.  I will wade through the most foul detritus if only to come across tiny gems like this  from Rhys Dyer:


Hi Bill,

Check out the latest teaser trailer for KillerWeed:


Started as a micro-budget project, KillerWeed has somewhat escalated as we've attracted attention from prominent British filmmakers such as Richard Holmes (Producer "Eden Lake").  We're looking to drum up exposure before filming this June around England and the Isle of Man.  It would be fantastic if you could support us any way by mentioning KillerWeed in your blog; you could genuinely make an impact in the success of this film, and the amount invested in it. 


Rhys Dyer

So keep those cards and letters coming, kids!

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