Thursday, February 04, 2010

Pulp Happenings Around the Web

Piers Beckley has set up a screenwriter forum for those in the UK here.  I may hop over there in my bloody boots and have a pint or twenty leaving scarlet footprints over the carpet.

Occasional Superheroine Valerie D'Orazio has put the 1st book in her trilogy  THE END OF THE VAMPIRE CRAZE IN NYC online here.  (Val - I want to know the results of this free experiment!)

Francesco Francavilla and the boys over at Comic Twart are drawing Abuli and Bernet's TORPEDO.  I may have an idea or two to throw their way - not that they need me at all. They bring the awesome quite well on their own.

Max Allan Collins liked my review of THE LAST LULLABY. 

Go visit them and leave a comment telling them the MPB sent ya!

I'll be here writing & publishing.

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