Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Fantastic Foreground Miniatures

Every production needs what is called "production value" - those things that no matter how little they cost scream "this is a big, expensive production."  Production value can be anything from glorious costumes, inventive lighting schemes and camera moves or...

Foreground miniatures.

Foreground miniatures add all sorts of fantastic elements to your shows - rocketships, castles, tanks - just about anything you can think of has been miniaturized and placed strategically within the shot to appear larger than it is in reality.   

Today, Boing Boing is profiling just such a craftsman - Michael Paul Smith - who's mixing his model building with his photography and coming up some very realistic shots.


Check out the rest of Michael's work here.  And start thinking about how you can add a miniature element or two to your establishing shots to give it that 'pop' that genre fans expect from their pulp movies. 


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