Friday, April 02, 2010


There are days when I lament the fact that many of you guys and gals didn't get to experience the fun and fantasy that was FAMOUS MONSTERS magazine and Forrest J. Ackerman.  There was something completely pure and unabashed about its love of monsters and the incredible power of cinema fantastique.   FM was a lightning rod for a whole generation of cinephiles and when it folded , the only mag to take its place was FANGORIA which was really for an older, more sophisticated reader, and dealt with a far darker subject vein.

So yes, there are days when I think you younger folk missed out on something.

Well, Kerry Gammill (artist extraordinary on many comics, including IRON MAN) and Sam Park and their crew obviously thought the same thing because they've created a couple of new media horrors that sink their teeth right in the EC COMICS / FAMOUS MONSTERS vein...

First up is MONSTER KID ONLINE - a magazine that gives you a damn good feeling of what it was like to read FM back in the day. Only this time you can do it from your computer.  Harryhausen!  Bama! 3-D Monsters!

How cool is that !

( I hope we get to do a FRANKENSTEIN ISSUE with them when we finish publishing all 11 of THE NEW ADVENTURES OF FRANKENSTEIN. )

But their MONSTER-PULP goodness doesn't stop there: 

They've also started MONSTERVERSE,  weird new horror comics brought to you by none other than BELA LUGOSI himself! 

It feels just like when we we were kids and Shawn, Kevin and I used to pedal our bikes over to Aiken Drugs or Hooks Drugstore to peruse the latest comics, monster magazines and whatever genre ephemera was on the shelf.

If you like old school monsters. If you want to see the stuff your Unca' Bastard here grew up on then by all means check them out.


Unknown said...


Not sure if you heard or not, but FAMOUS MONSTERS is actually coming back starting in July.

I just finished shooting some interview and catalog material for them...



Cunningham said...

Yes, and I know they have a convention they are running coming up as well.

I held back on that part of the story as I haven't seen the new issue and I can't make a judgment on it.

I'll weigh in once I get a copy in my hands.