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Report From Them That's Doing It: CHANNEL MIDNIGHT

Way back in the day, I used to read THE MOTHER EARTH NEWS and one of my favorite columns was called Report From Them That's Doing It.It was a profile column where they would shine the spotlight on people who were out there living their dream. In the case of ME News it concerned people who built their own homes and lived responsibly using alternative methods for food production, energy and shelter.

Well I've appropriated that title to let you know about Channel Midnight Releasing, people who are distributing their films themselves.  Creating their own sustainable business model for their creative work.  From their press release to me several days ago:

Hello Friends,

We are really excited to announce a partnership between our production company The Work Room Productions (Lisa Wisely & Chase Tyler) and James Felix McKenney’s MonsterPants Movies. As both companies plan on making more independent films in the near future, we decided to create a small distribution company called CHANNEL MIDNIGHT that would be responsible for getting those films out into the world. We are excited about all the opportunities and methods that are now available to filmmakers and we plan to take full advantage of them all.  

We will be putting a completely re-mastered version of Jim’s first feature CANNIBALLISTIC (complete with bonus scenes including the short film WAKING DEAD) this Fall and we are pleased to announce the release of fellow filmmaker Nathan Wrann’s BURNING INSIDE right now.

As I am sure you could imagine, we don’t have a gigantic marketing budget to push this movie so we’re turning to friends and colleagues to ask for help.
Please help spread the word about BURNING INSIDE and Channel Midnight.

·         You can find more about Channel Midnight and find Burning Inside DVD is available for sale on
·         T he DVD is also available on here
·         Digital download of the complete film is available on our official store at
·         The movie can be rented on YouTube
·         Mobile and other streaming rentals/VOD are coming online over time.

The film has gotten fantastic reviews (see highlight below). Please see visit our news section for the most up to date information and reviews.

We also started an affiliate program. If you have a website or blog and would like to post some banners to support the movie, you can actually make money. Visit this to find out how the program works and please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

 If there is anything you can do to help spread the word, please do. We also have a discount code for friends and family, feel free to use the discount code REVENGE2010 on the store.

What the reviewers have to say about BURNING INSIDE:

"impressive...writer-director Nathan Wrann unleashes an unsettling psychological mystery, imbues his story with a unique look and pace and works wonders... a challenging and altogether harrowing experience for discerning horror fans."

- Steven Puchalski, SHOCK CINEMA

“BURNING INSIDE is a raw and grinding midnight movie, unsavory grim in parts then slowly contemplative.”

- Marcus Stiglegger, DEADLINE MAGAZINE

"There is an awareness of filmmaking as a storytelling medium at work here that you will not find in a multiplex... A wholly original and daring piece of cinema. It's rare that acting, cinematography and editing work in such perfect harmony to create something this unique... Highly recommended to lovers of smart films."

- Greg Lamberson, FEAR ZONE

Please spread the word and thanks for your continued support!


Lisa, Chase & James

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