Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Pulp 2.0 Is Now On Kindle

In my never-ending quest to:

A) Test the systems and mold the internet to my pulpy will...
B) Provide you with news you can use to make your own media...

I have added my blog to the Kindle blog service from Amazon.

You can subscribe here.

Please tell all your friends to subscribe to my pulpy content via their Kindle device. I will be gearing a few upcoming posts toward this new media device, and will include some Kindle-specific content to download.

If you don't have a Kindle - you can buy one here:


Deka Black said...

Sounds good, is like reive the newspaper in the mail each day, but withouth paper at all. Oh, one thing pulp reƱated in some way: This year, the Madrid book fair here has put to sell for the first time ebooks.

That is a good thing. The people need get rid of the e-fear.

Cunningham said...

Here at Pulp 2.0 we are embracing ebooks with open arms. I can't wait to officially announce what we have planned for you.

e-pulp and print pulp will work hand-in-hand.