Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Why Put the Pulp Into High Gear?

I'm a big advocate of momentum when it comes to media production. I've found that too many people sit back and take it easy when it comes to writing or filming and end up with barnacles on their work.  On the flip-side there are people out there who go with the flow, and are able to keep a consistent level of work going.  Is their work perfect?  No, but what is?

The one aspect of being swift when it comes to your media creation is the opportunity to capitalize on a trend and leverage your content to those looking for the same.  it's a balance between being both prescient and quick. Take Leverage for example (pardon the pun). Many of the stories they've researched for their show have ended up as headlines in the papers - right as their show airs.

This leads us to a situation outlined by Charles Crumpley in the LA Business Journal:

"I did a little market research last week. I asked my 9-year-old daughter, Katie, to play around on the Monster High website and then tell me what she thought. I didn’t tell her why. After a while, she announced, “Not bad.”

Would she buy Monster High clothing? “Yeah, maybe.” Books? “Definitely the books,” she nodded. How about a Monster High Halloween costume? Her face brightened. “Yes!”
And dolls? Would she buy the line of dolls? She looked at me as if I hurt her feelings. “I’m a little too old for dolls,” she said, explaining an obvious reality to a slow-witted dad.

And when I told her that the Monster High movie won’t come out for at least a year or so, she seemed disappointed, confused even. You could see in her expression the question, “Why would they wait so long?”

On the one hand, I presume Mattel has done a good deal of expensive research and knows what it’s doing. But on the other, I have to believe that if it wants to reach tween girls with Monster High, Mattel should speed up the movie and seriously downplay the dolls. I mean, that just seems like another obvious reality."

Bottom line: Don't wait around. Don't overthink it.  Put your imagination to work.

Or else you'll be left waiting.

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Jason Heath said...

Great stuff, especially the "Don't over think" part.

I think that is my biggest stumbling block when it comes to creating.