Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Require Help: Pulp-Minded Interns Needed

I have been completely overwhelmed by a TON of work lately as well as several personal dilemmas. What has come to light is that there is more work in the Pulp 2.0 pipeline than I can effectively handle on my lonesome so I am placing the call out to the great internets for some interns.

I have a lot of writing and producing that I've put off as I have launched this venture, and now is the time to get some help so I can get back to that part of the business.

Below are the qualifications for being a Pulp 2.0 intern, some hints as to what we have coming up and what you can expect to get out of the experience:

Specifically, I am looking for two interns - one to handle the graphic design grunt work so I can focus on acquisitions and the promotions,  then do followup design polishes, and a Marketing intern to handle those sorts of duties - sending press releases, review copies, etc...

Both would come in twice / three times a week in the afternoons to work for approximately 3 hrs.  Ideally, from 2pm to 5pm, but I'm flexible.  Also ideally, the interns wouldn't be in the office at the same time so I could be completely available.  The duration of the internship would be approximately three months.

For either position I need LA area students who desire to create something cool that will actually be published and distributed. That means coming in, being serious about achieving results, asking questions when you need help, and yet being able to figure things out if necessary.  It means wanting to add value to the final product yet still meet deadlines.  I share space in a busy office that can provide a lot of distractions so being focused is a requirement.

Graphic Design Interns:

Must be Mac computer literate and familiar with Photoshop, InDesign, and basic functions.  The graphic design intern will be tasked with duties such as:

  • Research - finding photos, fonts, layout ideas for print design, Scanning.
  • Photoshop work - photo reformatting.  Basic design for print and web.  Cover layout. 
  • InDesign - basic book / text layout. 
  • Archiving files
  • Prepping files for printing - uploading. 
  • Web email blast design. 
  • Web banner and icon design.
  • Other design. 

Any other skills such as Flash, text conversion (ID File to EPub), or HTML are greatly desired, but not required. I need someone who can bring a strong sense of design and professionalism to even the most menial of tasks.

Marketing Interns:

The Marketing intern must also be Mac literate as well as familiar with internet services like Google docs, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and so on.  If you have your own laptop you'd prefer to use then that's okay too. You really need to be detail oriented and be able to multi-task.
  • Research: List building - press, customers, industry, authors.
  • Website updates - Wordpress, YouTube and Facebook.
  • Writing first draft outlines for press releases
  • Filing
  • Updating spreadsheets - schedules,  receivables, Title materials checklists
  • Email correspondence
  • Mail / shipping
  • Live event preparation - orders, etc... 
  • Phone

In neither case will you be doing any personal work. You won't have to do my laundry, fetch my coffee or any crap like that.  I want you focused on assisting me to build this publishing outfit. I'm a big boy and I can get my own coffee.  I'm not a 'yeller', but I do know what I and my readers like (or don't) and will reject work that is just 'phoned in.'

What you get out of this as a Pulp 2.0 Intern:
  • School credit. I will sign off on any necessary paperwork for your school. 
  • Experience with a company that is expanding into ebooks, comics, and other media that I'm not allowed to talk about yet. 
  • An excellent portfolio of work after you've finished your internship. 
  • A letter of recommendation from me. 
  • Networking opportunities with some of my colleagues in Publishing, TV, Movies and Comics. 
  • Feedback/ Instruction:  I share space with graphic designers and other creatives. You will have the opportunity to show your portfolio / resume' of work to working professionals who can assist you in positioning yourself well in a very tough job market. 
  • Promotion - you'll be mentioned on our website, Facebook page and in the occasional Tweet.
  • You'll receive a copy of any book you work on. Graphic design interns will receive a credit for text layout on the book's publisher's page / indicia. 
Understand : This is not a paid position. This is an Internship. 
I am now accepting resume's (within the body of the email) and links to online portfolios.  Please email to:  newpulpmedia (at) gmail dot com.  No Facebook messages or tweets please unless it's to retweet or share this posting.  

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