Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday Coffee Talk with the Bastard

Finished 4 pages of webcomic yesterday and it was one of the most gut-wrenching experiences as I had to keep my editor hat on as I was doing it, figuring out some panels and angles that play into the storytelling.

I will finish up tomorrow and then set it aside for a day or two so I can relax and read it with no preconceived notions - ha!


I now have to work on some contractual stuff with an artist I am working with for that other thing I can't really talk about yet. Contracts are terrible to go over and work out.

(I'm sorry I'm such a damn tease)


Already started organizing my calendar for the new year. I am going to be busy. Very busy.


Saw this movie this morning while in bed. Would have liked to have had my own pulp hottie to share that with, but it was not to be...


As I understand it, things are going along swimmingly up North regarding The Knightmare.

(who of course, is the subject of my upcoming webcomic)

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