Thursday, March 26, 2009

Stuff Hanging around my Desk...

Comics folk:

How come I can go to my local Mexican grocery / liquor / cigar store and pick up two - yes, two - 48 page adult digest comics (Pistolero #'s 124 and 127) in a plastic bag for $1.30, and you guys want to charge me $3.99 for 22 pages of story?

(I will scan the covers for you guys to marvel at)

On the other hand, I just read Mark Waid's The Incredibles comic from Boom. It will be on my "buy list."

Farscape fans are clamoring for more Farscape comics. Good. It's a good comic direct from the source.

I have an interview coming up with the guys who did something really pulpy cool.

Movie Folk:

John August is discussing D2DVD movies.

Read Screenplays by David S. Cohen. Quick read. Great read. This is the book for everyone who's ever asked, "How did that get made?" If you want to be in the business then you need to read this book.

I'm going to have to start a "Low Budget Movie Production Consulting Service" if things keep going the way they are...been answering questions/emails from a variety of sources. I can see why people are discussing it though. There isn't any money around with which to make movies. We're all going to have to learn to do more with less and do it better.

I am finishing the 1st draft of script this weekend. 95 pages +/- of pulp.


Adam Gott said...

That's why I don't buy comics any more - $3 and up for 22 pages? They have to do better than that. My kids don't ever read comics and this is the only reason that they don't.

I do buy collected editions (such as Showcase and Essential) as I feel that those are a much better value.

S. Harlan Cone said...

Found a cool thing they've done with STAR TREK: COUNTDOWN. I missed issue 3 at my local shop and thought I was screwed until the collection comes out in April.

BUT, they're offering the comic as a downloadable App for my iPod Touch. It's only 99 cents, and is presented beautifully on the Touch. Each panel is presented full screen and you just drag it off to get to the next one. An easy, pretty read.

Comics on the Touch. What a cool idea.

darkmuse said...

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