Saturday, July 11, 2009

Convergence Saturday

John Rogers confirms what I thought I remembered him saying awhile back that LEVERAGE uses the Sony EX-1 for a lot of their shots. The same camera we discuss here for low budget moviemaking. Hmmm... pro-quality tools in the financial reach of the masses. Wonder what's going to come of that?

Michael Patrick Sullivan is a dirty, filthy little MASTERMIND.

Cousin Trevor points us to this little digi-novel project here which I will have to dissect at a later point. A mashup of this, that and the other designed to tell a story in different ways. Kind of what I'm conceiving with DEAD MAN'S PARTY.

Chris Mills talks about his new CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT comic... pretty plane!
(Chris - more aero-porn please! Thank you)

Geekerati is coming back! Sunday nights at 6pm.

Read this from New TeeVee and Trent Reznor. We will discuss (rant, dissect, take your pick) this in an upcoming Pulp Legion Electrogram. If you aren't subscribed then you miss out. Go to the sidebar and sign up>>>>> It's free!

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go work.

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Christopher Sharpe said...

Word on the street in Austin is that Rodriguez is using these on his new project as well. Some of my friends are working on MACHETE so I will ask around and see if I can confirm for sure.

It's definitely being used on a LOT of things. I think it's replaced the HVX200 as the indie prosumer camera of choice. I'm currently working on a post with my D.P. on some of the pros and cons and ways to maximize it.