Sunday, July 12, 2009

Update: Sunday, July 12th, 2009

Stuff is going on...

Head down and finishing Green Hornet story. Can I have Kato kick someone's head clean off? Hornet shove Hornet Sting down someone's throat and fire?

(I know you filthy pulpsters. You thought I was going to say up the butt. Behave)

Then will replace head space (all it takes is a screwdriver, some WD40 and a few doses of LSD) to finish work on Fly By Night.

(Think more designing a script rather than writing one)

Working with artist on something. Also designing for same something.

(What's that ? Oh hell, my eyeballs are bleeding...)

Writing for Astonishing. Designing for Astonishing.

(Yes, Katherine I am working. No, I will not turn off the internet. The pulp is on the internet. That and chicken sustain me. Excuse me, my eyeballs are a fountain of red)

Need nurses... preferably with flexible morality and TLC.

(no - not the cable channel. Okay, the cable channel too. Taking applications)

Meetings in realspace next week... if you see footage of a man's head exploding - that'd be me.

(Pulp and chicken flooding out of my skull and out onto the street. I am here for your shock and amusement)


joel wyatt said...

Green Hornet?!

As a fan of any pulp featuring a guy in a fedora - I'm THERE.

Your GH is for moonstone, si? How does that work out as far as rights are concerned, between them and Columbia and Dynamite Entertainment?

Cunningham said...

After I submit my story and it's edited and approved I'll go over in detail the process behind it all.

Right now. Deadlines.

and bleeding eyeballs.