Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Pulpy Stuff You Know You Want (Okay I Know I Want)

From Sideshow Collectibles.

And the New Doctor Who Logo (not that I want the logo - I'm just anxious to see the show)


And for all you FTC folks out there: I'm NOT getting paid directly to endorse these products or media. I need to work on that because affiliate marketing and promotion is part of the chain of commerce throughout the internet. Make that hard to navigate and you actually harm trade. People know when you're bullshitting to just make sales. The sniff test on that is really simple. If you want to have any sort of reputable commerce through your site - you ONLY endorse products that you like and actually appeal to your audience.

I do get sent DVDs and books and other products to review. The product manufacturers/producers/writers don't always like what I have to say. But I notice no downturn in the amount of material I receive. Anecdotal evidence to be sure - but then again, I write for a living. Anecdotes come with the DNA.

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