Monday, October 05, 2009

Roger Corman Presents: SPLATTER

Is it a Cable TV premiere or a D2DVD?

No - it's Netflix's first ever web series! (via Tubefilter)

Netflix, which started as a simple “DVD delivery to your home” service and has grown to delivering movies straight to computer and XBox is now about to tackle the world of web content. And they are doing it with a bang. Literally. To Corey Feldman’s head.

Feldman announced yesterday on his blog that not only will he be reprising his role as Edgar Frog in Lost Boys 3: The Thirst…he’s also going to be starring in Netflix’s first ever web series, Splatter. Not only that, he’s teaming up with legendary directors Joe Dante and Roger Corman to do it.


The project itself is still mostly under wraps but Feldman could say a few things about it. “The project is titled Splatter and is being created for Netflix. This will be their first ever live streaming web series. Splatter will be a multi episode web series that will go live on the web on Halloween weekend. My character’s name is Jonny Splatter. That is pretty much all I am allowed to say for now.”

But there is one more small thing more he can show you… “in light of Friday’s Chiller Eyegore awards ceremony, the folks at Netflix were kind enough to launch a teaser site of the new web series as the show began. I will give you the website address so you can catch the first glimpse for yourself…but before I do that I must give you a warning…this is not for little kids. The material is graphic in nature, and parental discretion is strongly advised…this is a pretty shocking 30 second clip you will see. Please make sure you remove small children before reviewing this teaser. OK now that, that has been said, the address is … and remember it’s just a little Halloween fun!”


Okay gang, the takeaway on this is:

1) Netflix thinks there's money in webseries.
2) Netflix has a business model that is very very strong.
3) Roger Corman (a man who doesn't do anything unless he sees the "upside") is doing a web series.

This is good for all of us. Now we have to find out how much they're spending, the structure, etc... the business details.

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