Sunday, January 17, 2010

Flash Gordon Done Right

Again, I was hopping around the web and decided to check in with Christopher Mills' blog SPACE: 1970.  As I was scrolling through making sure I was up to date on all of the grooviness that happened in the 70's (I'm old - I was up to date) I decided to read Chris's review of the FLASH GORDON DVD SET from my old friends at BCI Eclipse to see if he liked it as much as I did.

He did.

Bu then he mentions the FLASH GORDON: THE GREATEST ADVENTURE OF ALL TV movie that had preceded the series on NBC.


Chris goes on to explain how cool this feature version was and how it was so much better than the opening of the series. (Can ya feel my agony?)  I had to see this feature especially the opening of the movie:

Unfortunately, the DVD set does not include the prime time TV movie that preceded the series, Flash Gordon: The Greatest Adventure of All. The feature-length movie was made by the same team, but was somewhat more adult in tone and story; whereas the TV series began with Flash and company landing on Mongo, the film begins in 1939 Warsaw under attack by the Nazis.


So I did.  Now you can too...all nine chapters. (Almost like a serial)

And if you've never seen this version nor the series which followed it then I would suggest you click, buy and enjoy.  BCI did a great job with this DVD set.  It contains a lot of great extras that show exactly what it was like  creating a cartoon show back in the 70's.  I'm also including links to other shows you may want to check out - ISIS, ARK II and of course, SPACE ACADEMY and JASON OF STAR COMMAND.  All from Filmation - the little company that kept many of us thoroughly entertained on Saturday mornings.

Now if only the guys who had made the recent SyFy Channel FLASH had taken the time to watch this animated feature.



DecoderRing said...

Ah, I'm so pleased to hear that this one holds up. I've been thinking about picking it up for Max.

Cunningham said...

Yes, the series does hold up in comparison to other animated offerings of the period. Unfortunately the FG movie was never released on disc and wasn't included as part of the TV DVD set.

For those of you out there with the power to change this - I would suggest a special premiere of the FG animated movie on HULU or something. The version on Youtube is obviously taken from a 'dodgy' source, but still fun.