Sunday, January 17, 2010

No Need to be Depressed

As I was doing a little bit of research today, I found yet anther parallel between today's depressing economy and the "Great Depression" of the 1930's.

But what's fascinating (to me) are the political and cultural responses today that mimic the 1930's.  I tend to use Pulp 2.0 rather haphazardly when describing this new movement that is taking over the internet, but in looking at the many sites that came up in my Google search and reading the postings, I'm convinced that we are in Pulp 2.0.

The general populace is again looking toward fiction media (film, television, print, games, e-print) that is both low cost and high entertainment value - a distraction from the drudgery of the economy and the politics.  They are getting rid of those high end cable packages and using the lower-cost internet services as part of their entertainment time.

We're also focusing on heroes - strong, forceful types - and villains - terrorists, corrupt officials who've violated our trust.

This is exactly what happened in the 1930's. Not only in print, but on radio and at the movie theater. The popular culture exploded.

I'm sorry the economy is taking a tanker, but I have to say I'm pleased that the cultural response is to "create something." This spirit and bootstrapping know-how combined with a cost-effective delivery system (order on the web or IPhone and it comes to your door or computer or reader device) is going to change everything...

And that means opportunity. 

That's what the country was looking for in the dark days of the Great Depression - opportunity - and that's what everyone is looking for right now. The opportunity to earn money and provide for your family. The opportunity to show what you can do. The opportunity to do better. 

I'm looking forward to this 2010.  Lots of hard work ahead...but boy, think of the opportunity!


Michael Szeles said...


Thanks again for an inspiring post. I've got a feature film to edit, a novel to finish, and a ridiculous number of new projects to make/finish.

Here's to 2010!

Mike S. in Brooklyn

Paul Bishop said...

Good insight. Thanks for keeping all the pulp opportunities alive on Pulp 2.0. Love the new store. Hope it generates some income...