Saturday, March 13, 2010


Our very own Don Glut will be featured on tonight's Cult Radio A Go-Go broadcast!  The live show starts at 6pm PST and runs until 10pm.

Don will discuss all things BROTHER BLOOD as well as his career in movies, comics, publishing and television.

He will also invite everyone to our exclusive book signing next week (March 20th, 2pm) at DARK DELICACIES where we will have a special announcement about our upcoming titles from PULP 2.0 PRESS

In case you miss the live show, here's the myriad ways you can catch the podcast:

If you'd like to tune in, or promote where to tune in, there are a few different ways.  Firstly, we are officially licensed radio partners with both iTunes and Windows Media Player.  So Mac users can find us in the iTunes Radio Listings, under the category of "talk / news", right under CNN.  Windows users can find us in their Windows Media Player Radio Listings.  OR, listeners can tune in direct by going through our website.  We have a listening page with multiple tune in options available at:
In addition to the live show being on every Saturday, the week's show will also be repeated the following Thursday (so in this case March 18th) on Radio Dentata which is a network that syndicates our show.  The weekly repeat begins at 7 pm pacific on Thursday nights at
AND, last but not least, if anyone doesn't get a chance to tune into the show while it's streamng live, we put the live show up as a downloadable podcast every week.  So if anyone misses it, they can either find the podcast in the iTunes Podcast store, or directly off the net at:  The show is uploaded in 4 segments (since the live show is so long) and the podcasts usually go up the Sunday following Saturday's live show.

 And as always you can buy the book right here at our own Createspace store.

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