Friday, March 12, 2010

What I've been Up To lately...

Things here have been relatively quiet here on the blog as I have been busy working our first release, BROTHER BLOOD across the web:
  • contacting websites regarding reviews, 
  • doing interviews, 
  • consulting with Chris Sharpe on our website
  • taking orders, 
  • reviewing sales reports, 
  • and figuring out the book signing this next Saturday (the 20th) at Burbank's DARK DELICACIES.

And there's still a lot more work to do:

  • I just gave Earl Newton some elements for a video we are producing on Don and Brother Blood.
  • I have to re-scan some elements for our second book because the first scans didn't work well. 
  • Design a poster for the signing to showcase some incredible work by this guy.
  • Design a schedule for all of the books so we are on track and will always know where we are in the process.
  • Clean out my computer of old files, snippets, and so forth. 
Yes, the glamorous life of publishing/ media production! 

A few of the things we've learned along the way:

  • Google Docs is your friend. Keep him clean and neat at all times.
  • Be fearless. If you screw up it's okay. No one's going to take your birthday away. Pick it all up and start over. 
  • People respond to not only what you pitch but how.  Everyone I talked to last night understood that part of the appeal of BROTHER BLOOD is the fact it's an 'old school horror movie' within the cover of a book. Not just because of the concept,  but the film-centric terms I used to describe it. 
(I can say this about all of our pulp properties because within each one's pages you feel like you're "reading the movie".  Read the western and you hear the hoof beats across the plain.  Read the horror-adventure and you see the edge of the scalpel in closeup as it cuts into dead flesh. The serial is a smash-cut punch to the jaw)

  • The writing and designing of the books are the fun part. The easy part.  The getting the books into the market and getting them sold is tough.  Nothing is ever an "easy sell."
  • I have no doubt now that what we are doing is part of a cultural creative evolution. 
I 'll be posting here and on our Facebook page about how it's going.  be sure to "friend" us over there so you can contribute to the discussions. I've decided the blog here is going to be process-oriented, and the Facebook discussions will be oriented toward what we will be publishing, what we are looking for and more fan-oriented stuff.

Also - if you have a website and review Horror, Scifi and Action-adventure fiction then please shoot me an email with a link to your site so I can add you to our press list for the announcement on our new series.  If you've purchased a copy already let me know what you think. 

Have a good weekend and remember:

Pulp is not a genre nor a medium. It's an Extra Large.  

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