Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I would watch this show every week faithfully at 9pm (instead of time-shifting as I normally do) if it looked like this while still keeping the same weird subject matter. 


deborah Nathan said...

So great. Would love to see that.

Roger Alford said...

Bit of a disappointment. The trailer was GREAT, but too bad they didn't totally commit to the idea in the actual show. Wasn't in black-and-white, they used most of the same modern sets, and while there was the occasional period-correct prop, they still used computers and (that bane of modern screenwriting) cell phones. To top it all off, it was supposed to be a musical, but there was barely any singing (where is Joss Whedon when you need him?).

Smallville did a much better job with their noir episode a few seasons ago.