Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New from Pulp 2.0 Press: RADIO WESTERN ADVENTURES!!!

In between selling vampire pulp fiction for less than a buck  (until Saturday Nite!) I spend all my time designing books for all sorts of pulp enthusiasts.  I am pleased to announce we are producing (Note I didn't say publishing)...


This book is our tribute to western and old time radio enthusiasts who yearn for those thrilling days of yesteryear as envisioned by radio, movie and comics creators back in the 30's and 40's.  It's also our chance to pay tribute to Jim Harmon whose work made fandom a much better place.

With a western action novella, articles, galleries and other assorted cool stuff resurrected from the Glut Archives, RADIO WESTERN ADVENTURES is a book that is sure to have back in the saddle.  The artwork is by our own Nik Macaluso with cover design by me. 

We'll be putting up an information page on Pulp 2.0 Press soon so be on the look out...

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Very cool!