Thursday, June 03, 2010

Pulp Profile: Mike Fyles

Peter Miller has a profile piece up on pulp artist Mike Fyles that you should check out. 

Especially a link to a tutorial Mike has on creating a pulp illustration.

I have a couple of posts on Mike here.


Deka Black said...

Pulp illustration is a form of art always watched. but few apreciated. Or rather, few talked about.

To me, my favourite of alltime is Virgil Finlay . His works have a touch what makes him very... how is said about an artist worth of love and admiration?

T. B. Back said...
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T. B. Back said...

Thank you for pointing to Mike Fyles' tutorial. I got all I needed inspiration-wise for my next cover.

And if I ever make it to Burbank, I'll buy you a drink. Promise.

Single malts?

Cunningham said...