Monday, July 19, 2010

Run Silent Run Pulp

Where does one start?

With me it's usually a sarcastic note, so I'm going to go with that:

My Mom just won the Cancer Surgery Contest and won a double-mastectomy.  Funny thing is, she didn't even know she entered!  

Yes, my Mom has Cancer.  So do a lot of other folks so we're going to move on.  You can rest assured my Mom will kick Cancer's ass.  After all, where do you think I get it from?

So we're going to be fine, make a few adjustments and do what we Cunninghams do at times like this  (No, not kick people in the nuts. That's reserved for holidays and anniversaries). We're going to do what we CAN do, and move forward past the rest.  Surgery is probably next week.  It's supposed to a one overnight affair so my Mom can come home the next day and recover there.

So if you're listening to me through Facebook or some other glittery web tool like that then you'll get the info on everything there.  I won't muddy the waters too much here at Pulp 2.0.  We have media stuff to do here, and I'd like to concentrate on that.


Had dinner, drinks and cigars with two of my fave Canucks Denis McGrath and Peter Mohan.  Boy did we have a good time kicking back and talking shop.  They are in town working, and it was great to shoot the breeze at one of my favorite Hollywood dives, Boardners.  I wish I could tell you what they are working on, but I don't have the go ahead yet.

But it's going to be good.

One thing I like about both gentlemen - besides their openness, wit and appreciation of the finer points of Piper Perabo  - is their genuine enthusiasm for what they're doing, and their enthusiasm for the diversity of opportunity out there in the media landscape.  As much as both like television and what they're doing in it - I predict that at some point we will see something from each in the new media landscape.

Stay tuned.

(Oh yeah, and sorry you guys had to follow the cancer part of this post) 


I have to give a shout to my friends over at Comic Book Sunday (CBS). We had a great time yesterday, and many plots were hatched.  If you're at SDCC buy one of their cool shirts and support a group of creators and fans who get together every month to swap comics, pool resources and get stuff done.


Speaking of comics - I want to formally announce we are doing Pulp 2.0 Comics.  I can't say what titles yet, but I am licensing and republishing some fun, pulpy stuff from the 80's B&W Boom.  That was a period that saw a burst of creators and creativity in the marketplace, and many comics were created that eschewed the spandex in favor of the pulp.  I will have details later as I get everything with Pulp 2.0 back on track, but  I feel safe in saying that if you like B-Movies, serials and other such wonderful nonsense than you're going to love these two series.  I know I did when I first read them.


Speaking of getting things on track - I am looking for an unpaid intern to assist me in my publishing duties.  No pay, but perks to be had.  I also write a mean letter of recommendation.  I'll send out specifics later - but this is a great opportunity for a student who needs to bolster their resume'.

That's all for now, but trust me - I feel a rant coming on.


Deka Black said...

OUCH I mean, well, i don't know what to say, except a bunch of stereotyped reponses, really. But, is personal, so only this: My best wishes.

About the comic part: This ismore in my zone. here in Spain, well. The 80's were the first 10 years after a dictatorship, so, the thin went very crazy in all forms. Want to know more about the boom you talk about.

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Roger Alford said...

Bill, so sorry to hear about your Mom. May prayers for her speedy recovery!

Roger Alford said...

That was supposed to be "many."