Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Congratulations, It's a Mad Pulp Bastard!

That's what they told my parents 44 years ago today.

(Send condolences in the form of Playboy lingerie models)

Side note: There are no coffee shops (as we Los Angelenos think of them) in Aiken, SC. Someone should do something about that. Something near the college with wifi. Yes -- co-eds, coffee and internet. An agenda for the next SC election.

Saw BLACK DONNELLYS last night. I'm going to rewatch it as I kept getting interrupted. Is this show the first tragedy on television? (jokes aside).

I forgot to mention I've been caught the first two episodes of LIFE ON MARS and the first episode of PRIMEVAL. LoM is doing well and its good to see an old friend back. PRIMEVAL is a new show, but feels familiar. It's as if someone said, "Let's remake SURFACE , but with dinosaurs instead; right down to the kid having a dino as a pet."


Emily Blake said...

I used to live in this teeny town in NC where there was no real bookstore. There was a used bookstore and a Christian bookstore, but nowhere to get new books from the secular world. That drove me out of my mind.

I lived across the street from an old train station and always wanted to turn it into a bookstore/coffee shop.

Happy birthday!

Instead it's an ice cream parlor now. And we wonder why our kids are fat and stupid.

Boxer said...

Happy Birthday Mad Pulp Bastard!!!

wcdixon said...

Happy Birthday 'almost separated at birth twin' boy...(my folks are from North Carolina)...

Daniel said...

Happy Birthday!

No accesss to Playboy models I'm afraid, the best I can do for you are these bewbs: (.)(.)

ME said...

The you and Will similarities are starting to scare me. If this was a movie, we'd soon be finding out that one of you is the Anti-Christ or something (I won't spectulate on which one, heh heh).

Happy day to you again.

Anonymous said...


Happy Birthday, you "Lump of Humanity"!!!

See you on Friday.

Your "Big Brother"


PS BETA-dammit.

John Oak Dalton said...

Even though I'm not cool enough for your sidebar anymore I still hope ya have a good birthday--and see ya prowling the streets on May 1st for copies of "Sex Machine!"


Grubber said...

Happy Birthday Bill! If I'd known I wouldn't have sent a present :)

Hope you had a chance to put your feet up, helps keep the alcohol near the brain.

Going to catch up on what else you have been up to. Read your blog or the police reports about it, always a hard choice?

MaryAn Batchellor said...

A very happy, but belated, birthday!