Thursday, July 10, 2008

Batman: Gotham Knight

Wow... get it now.

Edit to rant: A lot has been made lately about how DC has been dropping the ball when it comes to making good movies from their properties, but these D2DVD movies - Superman: Doomsday, Justice League: The Final Frontier and now this - are really good. I think they have a niche here they could really exploit well. Yes, I want to see more big movies like Dark Knight, but in between, my library of movies will embrace this kind of D2DVD goodness.


Eric Lytle said...

I watched this yesterday and it reminded me of another WB Animation release, The Animatrix, which was a collection of anime shorts based on the WB movie The Matrix to coincide with the release of the second Matrix movie. It was an excellent idea then and I wonder why they haven't used it more often. This concept of using intelectual properties to inspire anime shorts to promote a major movie release is not something new to the folks at Warner Bros. I hope that other studios use this model for the D2DVD sales.

Earl Newton said...

I think the Animatrix wasn't a bad idea, considering some of the Matrix's heavy Asian influences, but a BATMAn anime is too cool to conceive.

Anybody up for some Batman vs. Vampire Hunter D?

Unknown said...

I liked the Animatrix more than I liked the second Matrix movie.

I remember when they had the X-Men 1.5 DVD, I initially thought it was something like this, and was very disappointed when it was just X-Men with bonus features.

I liked that the Animatrix got to experiment with stories that deviate much more from the well that feature-length sequels draw from.

DecoderRing said...

I liked the Animatrix, but let's not damn it with faint praise... I liked the stomach flu more than the second Matrix movie.

Glad to hear Gotham Knight is worth it - saw it in a shop today after checking out, so haven't picked it up yet, but I was very glad to see the name of Kevin Conroy (The One True Batman) in the credits. I liked New Frontier quite a lot too, I was less crazy about Superman: Doomsday, but it was an interesting retelling of that story for those young fans that didn't read the comic book run.

I just wish they'd let these animated releases be just a little longer... 75 min feels like a bloated hour-long tv episode. 85-90 minutes feels like a movie. It's a big difference.