Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Raiders of the Lost Ark: Final Chapter!

We've had a lot of fun with this re-imagining of the first of the Indiana Jones movies. I promised Roger I would ask the audience:

1. What did you like?
2. What did you dislike?
3. What can he do differently next time? (and yes, there will be a next time)

Because the adventure is always ... To Be Continued

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Unknown said...

Like I said before, it's hard to make the pacing work when you take something that was made for one format and cut it for another. It's similar to the problem of putting commercial breaks into a movie for TV broadcast, only more so.

I kind of liked the idea of having a "Next Time." But at the same time, you wouldn't want to spoil the next episode.

You know those comic books where on the cover, they'd always show an outrageous out-of-context moment from the issue, like Spiderman is robbing a bank? All to make people curious and buy the comic. I've been trying to think of different movies and what cover they'd have if they were one of those comics. That could be a nice model for how you think about the "Next Time" segment.