Friday, July 11, 2008

Get Your Sex Machine On!

Awhile back I posted this regarding Netflix and Christopher Sharpe's pulp feature debut SEX MACHINE...

and you responded by putting this pulpy picture into your Netflix queue (for which we thank you sincerely). HOWEVER, many of you emailed back saying that Netflix had this label on the movie:

Very Long Wait

(In red no less!)

So I put an email into the distributor right away and I'm pleased to report they were already on it. They have sent another shipment of discs out to Netflix and they will be winding their way to the Netflix distribution centers shortly. Soon, "Very Long Wait" will become "On Its Way."

But of course, you could always download the movie and watch it direct from Netflix too!
(Hey - I'm just sayin...)

And I'm also pleased to announce that SEX MACHINE is available to users on


Roger Alford said...

Bill, I'm curious if you can offer any numbers here. How many copies did they send to NetFlix the first time? How many are they sending this time? Great that they have such high demand. Even better that they're able to respond to it.

Kevin said...

I remember when I first saw it listed on Netflix; the 'long wait' turned to available now pretty quick. I think I had it in my hands about a week or so later.