Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Still at AFM...

Slugging it out on this last day before it's all packed up and gone.

Traffic is light and sellers are uneasy (not quite worried, they understand current economics). Attended the "International Film Financing in a Weak Dollar Economy" seminar sponsored by the PGA and the WGA sponsored "The Internet: Where Commerce meets Entertainment."

Let's just say that people all over the world are understanding the pulp economic theory.

There are folks here I wouldn't let onto my front lawn much less a posh hotel lobby - but there they are... selling, pitching, trying to let everyone know how creative they are by dressing funny and not bathing (not joking). And as much as I despise these hangers-on whose projects no one in their right minds would ever finance in a million years - these are my people.

I went by the MAGNOLIA PICTURES suite and managed to get myself a screener of NOT QUITE HOLLYWOOD along with a collector's book of the movie and a t-shirt. Swag!

I will review this along with SPLINTER sometime soon. (To be truthful, I should have had the SPLINTER review out much earlier but life intruded). Let's just say that both movies are the awesome and should be on your shelves, in your computers or your DVRs.

Saw Jeff O'Brien & Brett Kelly's movie PREY FOR THE BEAST.

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